“Omakase” お任せ stems from the Japanese verb “makasu” which means to trust, or to let someone else take the initiative. In Japanese cuisine, “Omakase” expresses the concept of entrusting your meal to the chefs, having faith in their ability to design the ultimate dining experience.

Here at Minamoto, our chefs have tailored each Omakase meal into a 15 to 18-course meal–including various appetizers, sashimi, entrees, desserts, and more! The “Omakase” menu is designed to showcase seasonal ingredients to provide the freshest and greatest arrangement of flavor, color, texture, and temperature.


  • Seating Times: 5:30PM, 8:00PM
  • $150 per Person.
  • 15-18 courses per meal.
  • Reservations for Omakase must be made at least three days in advance, by Phone or Online, due to procurement and preparation for food allergies or other limitations.
  • Dishes for each course and meal may vary depending on season and availability.